About Us

DPIXION is a creative studio specialising in design and high-end 3D visualisation. Based in Hong Kong and Australia and with more than 15 years of direct in-house architectural and interior design experience, in Europe and Asia, DPIXION understands your industry and your needs.

Our work has headlined in high profile hospitality projects, major infrastructure competitions, branding projects, and in media marketing campaigns seen in top-tier international publications.

Our services

We work alongside our clients to help develop designs and produce visualisations in the following areas:

Interior & Architectural Visualisation
Product Visualisation
Virtual Reality & 360° Panoramic Views
Post Production/Photo Retouching

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on the uniqueness, quality and refinement of our work. A common sense and open approach to producing the work allows our clients to relax in the knowledge that their designs are understood and respected.

Here at DPIXION, we are designers as well as visualizers, which puts us in the unique position of being able to fill the gaps for clients. If required, clients can send us open concept briefs and let us add in design details to complete the render for them. There’s no need for clients to waste time explaining the basics of good design to us.

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